European Musical Wishlist 2016-2017

Being a recently graduated music major from America, the thought of going to Europe for the first time is pretty overwhelming. I’m not just talking about learning how to live in a new country, but I’m also talking about the tremendous amount of access I’ll have to live music and music history. The classical music nerd inside of me is getting sensory overload just thinking about it.

Thankfully, many European countries still consider me a “youth” and I’ll be eligible for discounted tickets. Apparently some orchestras have youth tickets for as little as 3-10 euros!

As I’m beginning to compile lists of places I’d like to go, I’m starting to realize my ultimate travel wishlist is a bit unruly and perhaps unrealistic.

Knowing me, I’m going to want to travel slowly. You know, stop and smell the roses. I like quality over quantity. I have no problem spending all day (or multiple days) in one place and getting to know it a bit more.

Because of that (and the astronomical amount of things I want to see), I’ve decided to break down my wishlists into several categories: music, theatre, historical/architectural sites, museums, food, and nature etc.

But like I said, I’m not too concerned about the number of things I see, but rather the quality of the experience itself.

We’ll just have to see how well I can balance my time and money over the next 9 months.

This first list is a list of live musical groups/events that I would like to see in while I am in Europe. It’s loosely organized by geographic location/accessibility from my home base of Nancy. I’ll probably have to make a separate list of historical music sites because I’m too much of a nerd to fit both on one list.

I realize that I will probably need to whittle this list down to my top 5. But for now, one can dream.

Paris/Greater France
Austria/Czech Republic
United Kingdom

For many of the orchestras in eastern France and Paris, I will probably be able to plan a train/weekend trip. For the orchestras further from Nancy, with some more research, I should be able to whittle down this list to specific concerts I want to see based when I’m not teaching in France.

I’m just happy that the French love vacations and that the academic calendar has 4 major vacation periods during the school year!

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